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Legal professional regulations, specifications according to § 6 TDG (German teleservices law)

The activity of a patent attorney is subject to special legal professional regulations: The Patent Attorney Rule (Federal Law Gazette I 1996, p.557, last modified by Federal Law Gazette I 2001, p.3656) includes special obligations with respect to the activity of patent attorneys. They regulate for example the licensing of a patent attorney as well as his rights and obligations in connection with the professional cooperation of the patent attorneys. The Professional Code of the Patent Attorneys (Mitt. 1997, 243 following pages); the FICPI professional rules as well as the code of professional conduct of the EPI (EPI information 2/2001, p.75).

The professional title “Patent Attorney” (Patentanwalt) has been bestowed in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Liability: These internet pages exclusively serve for informing clients, interested colleagues and others. The pages are offered as a service. No liability is undertaken for eventual damages and consequences resulting from the use of the attentively collected information. This is also valid for links to the pages of other providers.

The provided information material is of general nature, is no legal consulting and does not replace such one. Establishing a contact via internet does not establish a mandatory relation, not even when you send an e-mail. Therefore you should not become active on the base of the here published information before having taken professional advice. Please do not use any confidential information before having discussed it with our office.

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